Comprehensive Speech & Therapy Center
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Speech Therapy:
Speech-language Pathologists are professionals who evaluate, diagnose and treat various communication, cognitive (i.e, memory, thinking, problem solving), and swallowing disorders. Impairments in these areas may be a result of a child’s inability to obtain these skills naturally or the result of an illness or injury acquired at any stage of life (birth trauma, stroke, or neurological disease). Our staff utilizes a variety of techniques and treatment approaches to help our clients gain skills to communicate functionally, complete skills for day to day living and maintain safe and adequate oral nutrition. Our therapists provide skilled treatment for the following areas:

• Apraxia
• Auditory comprehension
• Augmentative / alternative communication
• Cleft lips or cleft palates
• Cognition
• Hearing impairments
• Memory
• Non-verbal communication
• Oral motor weakness/incoordination
• Reading comprehension
• Receptive and expressive language
• Sign language
• Social skills
• Speech intelligibility
• Stuttering
• Swallowing
• Voice disorders