Comprehensive Speech & Therapy Center
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Physical Therapy:
Physical Therapists are professionals who evaluate and treat gross motor skills. Therapy for children and adults focuses on improving balance, posture, mobility, coordination, endurance, strength and range of motion. Impairments in these areas may be a result of a child’s inability to obtain these skills naturally or the result of an illness or injury acquired at any stage of life (birth trauma, stroke, or neurological disease). Our therapists specialize in treatment for the following:

• Adaptive equipment such as orthotics, walkers, and wheelchairs
• Balance and coordination
• Basic mobility (rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, walking)
• Decreased flexibility or range of motion
• Delayed gross motor development
• Endurance
• Low or High Muscle Tone
• Lower extremity functioning and strength
• Othopedic Problems
• Posture
• Sensory integration